Skill Areas

In depth science evaluation and analysis
At Avena Partners we have extensive experiences in several scientific fields such as immunotechnology, immunology, cell and molecular biology and virology. We have worked hands on in the frontier of therapeutic anti-body development and protein evolution and with small molecules in pharmaceutical development. Our experience covers the development of cancer treatments, rheumatoid arthritis drugs, general aspects of autoimmunity and more. The partners of Avena have been involved in project evaluation processes as investment managers and are well equipped to evaluate and focus your business intent on a scientific level.

Initiating and running businesses
We have been instrumental in initiating and running life science businesses as project managers, investment managers and CEOs thus are well equipped to advise in every step of the way, from your idea to a running business. Business plans, investment proposals, board recruitments and agreements of “every” kind are just some examples of things that we have gathered experiences in during our working carrier not seldom all at once. We also have an extensive network of the experts needed to make a business running smoothly, such as investors, accountants, lawyers etc.

Protecting intellectual property
Avena Partners have worked as patent managers and in close contact with patent attorneys and examiners for many years. We have been deeply involved also as inventors, in filing, protecting and challenging of intellectual property rights. We are well prepared to advise in intellectual property strategic decisions based on business goals, scientific rationales and market strategies. We believe that it is essential to have a translational view of the patent strategies and any other strategy in the business  meaning that every move within the business has to be followed by movements in all the other areas of the business. Thus any strategic decision in BD has to be implemented both in the IP as well as the R&D strategies and any results in the R&D will affect the IP and BD strategies and so forth.

Improvement and characterization of anti-bodies
In one way or another the partners of Avena have all worked extensively in the anti-body field. The experiences we have are academic as well as commercial. We have hands on experiences in anti-body development with aspects of screening, library evaluation, humanization strategies, affinity maturation, pharmaceutical capabilities etc. Within the pharmaceutical anti-body development area we have worked with anti-bodies for use in diagnostics, imaging, cancer treatments and more.